The Employment Alliance Toolkit is a set of resources to help regions establish an “Employment Alliance” the purpose of which is to empower young unemployed or underemployed graduates to become entrepreneurs and high value employees in a short period after leaving university. Two Alliances have been established to date, this toolkit records their experiences, the techniques and processes used, and the lessons learnt.

In This Toolkit

PDF of the Toolkit


This Toolkit consists of three parts. Part I: Rationale – Introduction to the toolkit and general justification for investing in a regional alliance of this nature

Part II: Creating alliances – the methodology employed and general experiences of operating an Alliance in practice.

Part III Annexes: Various tools to assist in the creation of an “Employment Alliance” at a practical level.

Powerpoint Template


Branded with the Employment Alliance logo and colours, these can be freely used without copyright.



Our brochure which succinctly explains the project and how it can benefit you.

Employment Alliance Infographic

Employment Alliance_infographic

An Infographic which explains the Employment Alliance Concept

Sample Communiqué


A useful starting point for any region’s discussions on what initiatives could and should be in their Alliance.

How Can We Help

With this toolkit you will be able to do most by yourself. However, you may find it useful to hire an external consultant to moderate the initial meeting and workshop, and to guide you through the process. Feel free to contact us.

Employment Alliance teaching and training

We also have designed and created a classroom based training course called “Innovation for Enterprise and Employment” This course is targeted at recent graduates, and especially at arts and humanities graduates, among whom the rate of under employment is greatest.  The course comprises of 7 modules focusing on the concept of innovation in order to harness employment opportunities. It is designed for teachers, lecturers and tutors teaching adult learners, including; graduates, undergraduates and the interested public and can be found here.


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